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It's a sunny morning..Konoha has just woken up after a cold but beautiful night and goes back to it's usual things..Everybody has something to do..since The new Hokage,Tsunade is just starting to give orders..Almost everybody..In a tree,hidden we may say there is a pretty girl with her hair in the wind reading something..her blue eyes sparkle when she gets to another page since it's her favorite book.She is just enjoying the beautiful day when she hears someone familiar..
"Oi,Sakura-chan!"-his voice is heard from undearneath the tree..
It was a boy..a pretty one..incredibly blue eyes and blonde hair all dressed in orange and full of energy with a very smily,friendly face.
As she was reading,her heart began to beat strong every time the boy talked or laughed..she smiled,stopped reading and started to look closely to the boy who was talking with the pink haired girl.
"You are taller than me,Naruto" said the girl..
"You are right:he replied..
The old man that was with them noticed someone watching them and smiled..without saying anything.As they finished talking the girl from the tree said in her mind smiling "Hmph,Naruto you haven't changed a bit".Just when she was about to turn her pretty face back to her book their eyes met for the first time after a long time..His pure beautiful eyes were watching her with that big grin on his face as he was studying her and said:
"It's been a while,huh,Ayame?
She looked down..full of joy and said trying to remain calm..:
"I see that you haven't changed your old habits."Looking at the book.
"Heh..well I could never give up reading you already know that."She replied friendly
But behind this talk between two friends it was so much more..their hearts were racing every time the other replied something so after a small period of silence he was the one that broke it.He hugged her,she blushed hard closing her eyes like she never wanted the moment to finish!He touched her hair playfully saying:
"I've missed you!You were one of the things that I couldn't stop thinking about while I was gone....You know,your hair is even more beautiful than I remembered."She blushed even more..after a while she said.
"I've missed you too!Konoha is pretty boring without you!"She laughed sweetly,and he started to do the same.He got up and said:
"C'mon,let's go get some ramen!We have many things to talk about"
She giggled and said:
"You haven't changed a bit"and continued in her mind "But I'd never want you to" They both got down from the tree and started to walk to Ichiraku ramen..To be continued :meow:
This is my first AyaNaru story..this is when they meet after 3 years of not seeing eachother..I would really like to know what you think so I would know if I should write more..I tried to sound like a writer xD It's small I know but it's just the beggining :D
About Ayame and Naruto's relationship now..They are in love with eachother and they know it but none of them wants to admit it and I haven't thought why yet xDAs for the old man if you don't know it's Jiraiya :D
112014 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lovely. This is a beautiful story ^^ Are you writing more? Can't wait to read it :D And it's so sweet to see you used one of my pictures ^w^
DeeaLov3 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012  Student Filmographer
Thank you sis!It's just something I had in mind for a while..if I get any ideas I'll write again :tighthug:
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